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Profile Updated: September 15, 2009
Lisa Kenefick
Class Year: 1978
Residing In: Tulsa, OK USA
Occupation: Case manager/social worker
Children: Two daughters: Jessica (born 1992) and Rebecca (born 1994)
Yes! Attending Reunion

After graduating from the University of Arkansas in 1982, with a degree in special education, I began a career in retail. I managed several jewelry stores (mostly costume jewelry) then went into clothing. After about 10 years, I ended up as a manager for Banana Republic. By that time I was so burned out on working week-ends, I decided to actually try something in my college field and ended up working for the Department of Human Services. At the time, there was an institution in Oklahoma, that was under a law suit, to move everyone out. The lawsuit began in 1989 and 10 years later we had everyone out. All the people I worked with at that time, were adults with developmental disabilities. It was my job to assist the with finding providers in the community to assist with their residential options and vocational services. Talk about a humbling event in my life time! I will never make very much money, but I can be grateful every morning that I can get myself out of bed and take care of my own personal needs.
At this time, I have been a supervisor for about 10 years. I now work with adults and children with developmental disabilities or folks that are duel-diagnosed. (developmental disabilities and mental illness) Do I have some stories to tell!!! But, will not, of course, due to the HIPPA laws that we all adhere to now a days.
During my career with the DHS, I began my family. Yes, I have been married.....twice......... and divorced, twice.
I will be able to retire from the state in 6 years. Hopefully, by that time, my kids will be out of college and my house will be paid off. Joy!
I have many animals, who would've guessed! Cats, dogs, horses and a ferret are among my zoo at this time.
I discovered power tools a few years ago, and just love working outside and making "things"! I'm not very good at it, but I am learning.
I garden passionately, and have 3 fish ponds. Being outside is where I would rather spend my time. I don't really like being inside! Blue jeans and a flannel shirt suit me just fine!
Not sure what I want to do when "I grow up". Hope I figure it out soon!!!

School Story:

Gosnell High School was such a great place to land after spending two years over-seas. My dad was stationed in Guam, working on war plans before being transferred to Gosnell. What a culture shock! I had never seen a cotton field or a soy bean field before in my life! I came to absolutely love it!

I can remember so many days and evenings spent at the Quinn home! There were always some bull-dogs running around the house, and someone yelling at someone else!! Also, who can forget the swimming pool during the summer. Nights at Ben's house when his dad wasn't at home. Pizza after foot-ball games and the parties at the levee. Who knows how many nights I made it home on auto-pilot from those parties!

Gosnell is where I met my sister, Toni. She is and always will be my best friend. At the age of 35, my family finally adopted her as ours! She is the most awesome aunt to my daughters! There have been so many times throughout my life that I am not sure I would have made it without her. If I had never moved to Gosnell, I probably would have never met her. Thank God for Gosnell!

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