How to Log In

Welcome to Pirates Reunion!

Here is how to login if this is your first time here. 
You can print this out and refer to it as you
start back at the homepage.


1.  Click on Pirate Profiles.  You can use the link below the login box or the one on the left menu.  Both will take you to the same page.

 2.  Click on your graduation year.  You should then see a list of all of the Gosnell High School graduates for that class.  If your name should be on there and isn't, let me know.  We will correct the error and send you an e-mail so you can continue the login process.

3.  If you found your name, click on it.  You should then see a link at the top of the page in the box that says Join Here that you can click on to begin establishing your profile.  You can keep this information private from other registered Pirate alumni if you prefer.  You get to set your own password.  Your username is your e-mail address.

4.  If you are a teacher, moved before graduation or graduated from a year other than 1976 - 1985, send me a note and let me know and I will add your name to either the teacher list or to the guest member list.

5.  If you want to include your senior picture in the upper right hand corner of your profile, let me know.  I may have it scanned already (classes of 76-83) or you can scan it and send it to me and I will add it.  That's just the way this site works.  You can add photos other than that one and they will appear below your profile.

6.  If you know of an alumni who has passed away and you have specific details (when they passed) and/or any memorials to make to them, send those to me also.  I will add them to the In Memory pages.


Ben Hestir
Class of '79
Website admin